A digital age educational app for the students packed with amazing features. We are trying to solve the biggest hurdle of education today.

We are focused around making students love learning and get them excited about learning new chapters and topics. Both learning should be engaging and personal, our aim is to get them addicted to learning.We have tried to keep the app UI simple and effective.

On signing up each user gets a free package and they can have a look and feel of the complete app with this. Our aim is to change how the students of this country learn and provide them a simple yet effective way of education. Technology can only be an enabler the content has to drive the entire system.

  • Chapter Sections

    It gives you hundreds of hours of digital animated video learnings. It explains each chapter in detail with digital animation.

  • Mind Map

    Mind Map section helps you revise each chapter in detail with concept driven, custom videos.

  • Question & Answers Sections

    Question & Answers section helps you fine tune all your doubts and clears all your major questions and answers

  • Multiple Choice Questions

    Multiple choice questions (MCQ) test is offered for difficult chapters, user can opt them anytime.


Learning on the go

App can be used anywhere anytime on any android device.

Easy Learning

The content available is as per the syllabus and the students can refer to one video and get understanding of the entire chapter.

Track Your Progress

The app has statistics option which tracks each video activity and the time spent by a students on the video. This helps him track his progress and get an insight on his study time.

Test Yourself

The app has statistics option which tracks each video activity and the time spent by a students on the video. This helps him track his progress and get an insight on his study time.

Your Own Lab

Science experiments solved and conducted on screen making it your own science lab.

Multimedia Learning

The app provides various features like, videos, question and answer, mind map which helps learn each concept in detail.

Digital Experience

Geography map marking, history events, science experiments, geometry constructions, algebra sums and much more solved on screen with details. It’s like watching a movie.

Personalised Learning

Get your customized package and learn at your own pace.


Team Edzam believes that with technology we can transcend traditional boundaries and truly enable customized self-paced learning. We realize that the learning needs of every student is unique based on her learning style, interest and her past academic history and understanding is the key to making every student successful. We surround ourselves with smart people who strive to build smart products. We do what’s right and not what’s easy. We build technology-driven products that leverage the internet. We build personal learning products that work hard for each of our customers.

Edzam app makes use of digital content, watch-and-learn videos, rich animations and interactive simulations that, as opposed to rote memorization, make learning contextual and visual, not just theoretical. Edzam has developed educational content of over 600 hours and is providing the educational content through various delivery platforms.

The entire content is as per the syllabus of the state board and aims to provide in depth explanation of the chapters by providing exciting videos. Our video library is constantly updating and we will be adding more and more courses soon. We build game changing technology to solve mind-bending problems.

There are an estimated 227 million students in India, and education is traditionally a priority for Indians, so it is no wonder that the Indian EdTech market is estimated to be worth $40 million by 2017.

We envision a world where anyone, anywhere can transform their life by accessing the world’s best learning experience


  • Ishita Shah
    Ishita ShahThis app has helped me understand each chapter in detail with amazing animations and pictures. Love the app.
  • Abhimanyu Kapoor
    Abhimanyu KapoorDownloaded this app for my child in 9th standard and it has really helped him in science and math subject. Must download app for 9th standard students.
  • Smita Patil
    Smita PatilI am a teacher, and I downloaded this app to explain some important concepts in class. Edzam has managed to deliver content in a perfect way and has contributed in making education a fun experience.


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